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Book Name Author Rating* Key Takeaways*
The Phoenix Project Gene Kim Et al. * * * * Big picture insights of how Tech and Business go hand in hand with DevOps
making it possible to deliver products at speed. No technicalities of
DevOps. Funnily Bashes InfoSec teams, which makes me laugh everytime when
Sec Teams create a blocker for Devs on silly items. (But hey, Sec Teams can
never be enough paranoid.)
The Art of Exploitation 2e Jon Erickson * * * * * Notes are here.
iOS Hacker's Handbook Charlie Miller Et al. TBD Here are the notes.
Permanent Record Edward Snowden TBD TBD
Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman Richard Feynman * * * * TBD

* In my opinion

**Inspired by @tavis